MFM1P Foundations of Mathematics. Grade 9
Get Ready.

Perimeter and Area

Group Work: Activity on Perimeter and Area of 2D shapes.

GSP activity.

Right Angled Triangles. Pythagorean Theorem.
Workbook: p.8.
Group Activity: Pythagorean Puzzle
Homework: p.9 - 11

Group Activity on Pthagorean Relation
Volume of 3D Shapes: Cube, Rectangular Prism, Triangular Prism, Cylinder

Homework: Workbook p.16, 17
Volume of 3D Shapes: Cone, Sphere, Square Pyramid, Triangular Pyramid

Homework: Workbook p.18, 19
Volume of 3D Shapes. Application Problems.
Composite 3D and 2D Shapes.
Workbook p.21-27
Unit Review
Workbook p.31-33
Homework: Finish the Review
Test on 2D, 3D Shapes, Pythagorean Theorem

Unit 2
Measurement Optimization
Varying and Fixed Measures
Workbook p.3
Homework: Workbook p.4
Measurement Optimization
Find Dimensions for the largest area, when perimeter is fixed.
Geoboards Activity.
Workbook p.5-10
Homework: p.11-14
Student Council Assemblies

Finidng the Dimensions of a rectangle with Max Area

Workbook p. 15-17
Homework: Workbook p. 18-20
Finding the Dimansions of a rectangle with Min Perimeter. Computer based activity.
Quiz on Optimizations

Homework: Workbook p. 23-25
Finding the Dimansions of a rectangle with Min Perimeter. Finish the activity on computers.
Workbook p. 21- 24
Workbook p.25
Unit 2 Review
Workbook p. 26-27
Practice Test

Unit 2 Test

Unit 3 Relations
Activity: Relationships
Homework. Workbook, unit 3 p. 6, 7
Computer based activity: Fathom. Correlation. Line of Best Fit


Identify relations. Workbook: p.18,19

Homework: Workbook p.21
Computer-based assignment

Homework: Workbook p.22
Quiz on Relations

First Differences Activity

Unit 3 Test

Unit 4 Proportional Reasoning
Workbook p.2 - 5
Homework: Workbook p.6-7
Activity on Equivalent Ratios and Proportions

Homework: Take-home assignment
Unit Rates Workbook p.9 - 10

Homework: Workbook p.11-12
Take up homework. Problems on ratios, proportions, unit rates.

Homework: Workbook p.15
Solving problems on ratios, proportions, unit rates.


Using Algebra to solve Proportions
Workbook: p.18-21
Self-Quiz p.22

Homework: Workbook p 24
Quiz on Ratio, Proportions, Unit Rates

Percentage Word Problems

Homework: Workbook p.24 - 26
Percentage Problems Workbook p.27 - 29

Homework: Workbook p.27 - 29

Review on Ratios, Proportions, Unit Rates, Percentage

Homework: Workbook p.31 - 33
Review on Ratios, Proportions, Unit Rates, Percentage

Unit 4 Test

Activity on Ratios and Proportions

Unit 5 Linear Relation
Activity: Matching Graphs Using Motion Sensor
Workbook p. 1- 4

Linear Relation Rate of Change
Workbook p.7 - 9

Rate of Change, Slope of a Line
Workbook p.11,12,15

GSP Activity: Develop the Formula for Slope

Slope, Rate of Change. Real-life Problems
Workbook p.19-22
Homework: Workbook p.23
Equation of a Line
Workbook p.25-29
Homework: Workbook p.32
Equation of a Line
Workbook p.30,31, 33, 34
Equation of a Line
Finish the Bicycle Trip Assignment

Construct a Line using slope and y-intercept
Workbook p 35, 36
Homework: p. 37
Quiz on Linear Relation

Homework: Finish the Review
Review on Linear Relation

Unit 5 Test on Linear Relation

Unit 6 Linear Equations
Workbook Unit 6, p.1 - 5
Linear Equations, two steps
Workbook p. 6-9
Homework: Workbook p.10
Working with Formulas
Workbook p. 11 - 15
Homework: Workbook p.16
Working with linear Models
Workbook p.16 -18
Workbook p.19 - 20

Homework: Workbook p. 21-23
Working with Linear Models. Workbook p.24-25

Homework: p.26-27
Quiz on Linear Equations
Linear Equations Activity.

Computer based activity on Linear Equations

Unit 6 Test on Linear Equations

Finish Computer based activity on Linear Equations

Unit 7 Multiple Representations
p.2 - 6. Introducing Polynomials

Collecting like-terms.
Expand and Simplify.
Workbook: p.8-9

Expanding polynomials. p.10 Equivalent Expressions. Spinner Pairs Activity

Working with Polynomials. Workbook: p.11-13


Working with Polynomials. Workbook: p.13-16

Finish p.16.

Quiz on Multiple Representations


Workbook p. 18-19

Finish the review
Unit 7 Test on Multiple Representations

Unit 8 Plane Geometry

Workbook p.1-2


Angles in a triangle. Workbook p.3-7

Interior and Exterior Angles in a Triangle
Workbook: p.8-11
Workbook p.12
Interior and Exterior Angles in a Triangle
Workbook p.12 - 16
Homework: Finish p.15-16
Angles in a polygon
Workbook p.17-21
Solving geometry problems using algebra
Workbook p.22 - 25

PD Day



Review on Unit 8 Geometry

Test on Unit 8

Course Review