MDM4U Data Management Grade 12 University preparation

Getting Started
February 1
Course Outline

Finish the worksheet
Course Preview Worksheet

Data Management Software.

Working with TI-83. Introduction to Fathom

Using Spreadsheet Software. OpenOfficeLibreOffice

p.22 #3

Using TI-83 for Statistics
Using Fathom for Statistics

February 2
Homework: Complete the worksheet.

February 4
Homework: p.23 #6

February 5
Work on the Fathom Activity.
Statistics Canada Activity
Statistics Canada

Explore Statistics Canada Website:
The Daily, Publications, CANSIM
Download and Install Beyond 20/20

Unit 1
Chapter 2.1
Graphical Representation Of Data
February 8
Statistical Variables,
Continuous and discrete variables.
Exploring Various Types of Graphs

Chapter 2.1 Graphical
Representation Of Data. Continued
Activities: Constructing Histograms

Finish the activities #1 and #2
on constructing histograms

Finish the activity #3 and the worksheets.
Homework: p. 101 #5, p.102 # 9, 10, p.103 # 12

Chapter 2.1 Graphs using Technology.
Activity: Use TI-83 and
Fathom to construct histograms

February 9
Finish Fathom Activity
Constructing Graphs using Technology.
Group Activity

Finish Activity part 1-3

Final Project. Stage 1

February 11
Work on Stage 1
of the Summative Project
Final Project. Stage 1 is due on February 18

Data Collecting Techniques

Data Collecting Group
Assignment due on

Unit 1 Review

Finish Data Collecting Group Assignment

Test on Graphical Representation of Data

Unit 2 Central Tendency and Spread.

Measurements of Central Tendency

HW: Read Ch.2.5, p. 133 #1, 2, 3
p.134 #5, 7, 8, 10, 11
Central tendency using Technology

Finish the worksheet
Measures of Spread

Chapter 2.5
Measures of Central Tendency
and Spread using Technology

Solving Problems on central tendency and Spread

Normal Distribution, Z-scores, Percentile

Chapter 2.6
Activity on
Central Tendency
and Spread


Solving Problems on Normal Distribution.

Finish the handouts
Final Project. Stage 2

Review worksheet
Working on stage 2 of the course project

Normal Distribution Activity

Chapter 2 Practice Test
Working on stage 2 of the course project

Homework Additional practice:
Chapter 2 Review
p.153 #16-20

Unit 2 Test

Statistics of Two Variables. Chapter 3.1
Linear Regression. Chapter 3.2

Non-Linear Regression. Chapter 3.3

Use Regression Analysis to model relations.

Quadratic Regression Activity

Cause and Effect

Final Project Stage 3
Regression analysis for final project (stage 3)

Statistics of two variables assignment

Chapter 4.1 Introduction to Counting:
Fundamental Counting Principle.
Additive Principle.

Homework: p.229 # 13, 15, 16
Chapter 4.1 Introduction to Counting:
Fundamental Counting Principle.Additive Principle.

p. 229 # 3, 4, 5
p.229 # 9,
p.230 #11- 20
Factorials and Permutations.
Permutations with Some Identical Items.
Chapter 4.2, 4.3

Chapters 4.2, 4.3 p.239 #1ab, 2 ace, 3ac, 4 ac, 6 ac, 9
Counting using Permutations. Practice

Homework: Finish the worksheets.
Pascal's Triangle
Chapter 4.4 Pascal's Identity

Homework: p.260 #2 - 10

Chapter 4.5 Applying Pascal's
Triangle in Counting Problems

Chapter 4.4, p.256 # 2 abc, p. 257 # 3, # 5, p.258 # 9,

p.260 # 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Binomial Theorem
Binomial Theorem Worksheet

Quiz on FCP, Additive Principle, Permutations, Pascal's Triangle.

Chapter 5.1 Counting Using Sets. Ven Diagrams.

Chapter 5.1
p.271 #3-7
Solving Counting Problems Using Sets.

Additional Practice on Sets:
p.296 # 1-3
Chapter 5.2 Counting Using Combinations

p.279 #1 - 8,
p.280 # 9 - 16
Solving Counting Problems Using Combinations
Chapter 5.3

Homework: p.286 #1- 8
Read Ch. 5.3
Rules of Applying Combinations

Homework: p.296 #1-7
Unit Review

Additional practice: p.298-299 # 1-9

Test on Permutations, Combinations
and Venn Diagrams

Introduction to Probability
Probability of Simple Events

Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.1
Activity on Experimental and Theoretical Probability

Odds. Chapter 6.2
Activity on Probability and Odds
Chance is Related to Math

Solving Probability Problems Using Counting techniques. Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.3, p.357 #6-8

p.334 #1-8
Problems Using Counting various techniques

p.325 # 9 - 11
Dependent and Independent Events. Probability
Chapter 6.4

Homework: read Chapter 6.4
p.334 # 2, 3, 4, 5
Independent and Dependent Events. Problems.
Course Summative Project. Stage 4 due on ...

Homework: p.358 # 9-12
Mutually Exclusive Events. Problems.

Unit Review. Probability.

Homework: Chapter Practice Test p.360-361 #1-9

Unit Review. Probability.
Quiz on Probabilities.

Course Summative Project. Stage 4

Unit Test on Probability


Presentations of Games of Probabillity

Probability Distributions. Expected Value. Chapter 7.1

Worksheet on probability distributions

Homework: p.406 # 3-5

Binomial Distribution. Chapter 7.2

Homework: p.406 # 7-11
Problems on Binomial Distribution
Homework: p.408 # 1-3

Solving Problems on Binomial Distribution

Normal Distribution
Solving Problems on Normal Distribution

Chapter 8.4. Normal Approximation of Binomial Distribution.

Solving problems using Normal Approximation of Binomial Distribution.

Review on Probability Distributions

Homework: Textbook p.468 # 4, 5, 6
p.470 # 11, 12

Assignment on Probability Distributions

Work on Course Project. Report and Presentation.
Probability Distribution Assignment is due.

Work on Course Project. Report and Presentation.
Course Review:

Course Project is due.

Course Project Presentations.

Course Project Presentations.

Course Project Presentations.

Course Project Presentations.

MDM4U Exam